Plum Island Cookie Company
This is a great company with some truly unique cookies. Each of their cookies are hand made and presented in a clear package with a wide variety of raffia bows. I love these cookies not only for the looks but they are delicious too. We have been focusing on just getting the web images updates for now but I really can’t wait to shoot them creatively. They have lots of different themed cookies. This is one of them. So yummy!

Interior Photography of AdCare Hospital in Worcester, MA

This particular project was a small shoot involving the photography of the entry lobby space. Since this was a small renovation a lot of the interior was left untouched and blended with new elements. The interior designer, Gayle Shelby Interiors, did a great job.

I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot a few additional views for her portfolio.
Image is of the staff dining area.
Thanks for viewing,
The Groves at Lincoln – Massachusetts

Its not often you get to have the owner of the architectural firm accompany you as the “assistant” on a photoshoot. This project turned out to be a great shoot with weather that kept giving us surprise after surprise at every turn. Cloud cover is always best when a little drama is present. I probably could of pulled even more range out of these clouds but at some point it starts looking a bit unrealistic.

Entry view
Moving so quickly through the interiors forced me to work with available lighting and finishing in post production. Not ideal but with the owner pushing you got to do what you got to do. 😉 This particular interior of one of the dining rooms was purposely overdone (for my tastes) to exaggerate the connections the dining spaces have with the outdoors.
Outdoor Dining – Seating
In the end, we pulled off about 48+ shots in 6-7 hours. After reviewing all the shots I think we will end up with 20 keepers. I spent approximately 10 hours processing a bunch for a meeting and will probably spend another 5 to get them to a point that I am comfortable.
Residential Photography, Newbury MA

This was a quick photoshoot for a client looking to update some shots for his website. Since I only had a short amount of time to actually shoot so I relied on post processing to removing several items that I couldn’t move out of the shot and cleaned up the gravel drive including weeds and bare spots.

Canterbury Woods – Buffalo, New York

This was a quick turn-around shoot from Boston to Buffalo and back again, all in a day.

I was asked to capture a few views of a clubhouse and cottages built a few years back by EGA Architects. Flying with photo equipment is always an adventure and this time was no exception. With all the stories of TSA not allowing tripods as a carry-ons I decided to check it. So, in order to protect the tripod, and my arm, I picked a bag that was light and small. The tripod I used has nuts that you can loosen which allows you to remove the lower legs making it shorter so it would fit in the bag I decided to use. When I retrieved the bag in Buffalo all was fine except the bolts that hold the legswere missing. Yes, completely missing. I thought initially that they must have fallen out in the bag but No. Then I thought that TSA must have searched it and put the loose bolts in a zipped portion of the bag. Nope. I check at home were I removed the legs and no bolts. All I can think is TSA removed the tripod peices out of the bag and sent them trough the scanner separate and the bolts fell out in the scanner? Thankfully, I was still able to use the tripod by force fitting the legs into place. The adventures of travel! 🙂
Interior Photography of Howling Wolf in Salem MA

Sometimes when I walk into a shoot and I really don’t have a sense of the conditions. With this project, being only a half day shoot, I made a pre-visit in the day and would be shooting it at night, after closing. The lighting ended up being pretty interesting and very controllable. Dimmers with lots of accent lighting all helped the shoot with minimal added lighting.

What I like about the iPad Wifi + 3G

So, iv’e been using my iPad for a few months now and i’m nothing but impressed. Apple does have a few issues as far as usability is concerned but very minimal. I would say they are more personal items when using the device more as a computer and less as an accessory to my computer. I wanted to compile a list of the things I think will continue to grow, both in the market place, and on this device.

  • Magazines – The interactivity of magazines now on the iPad is just the beginning. I personally have been waiting for this day to come for years and years. When ever I purchased a magazine say at an airport I cringed knowing that it may never last longer than the flight(s). Such a waste of paper. I’m glad that has finally come to an end. My first magazine purchase was National Geographic using Zino’s App. I’m not terribly excited about Zino’s App but it works and gives me access to this title and many more in the future.
  • Traveling – In May/June I traveled to Arizona on business and wanted to extend the trip to give my family an opportunity to see the state. We rented a minivan and traveled extensively while avoiding Arizona’s major Interstates. Over the course of 4 days we never booked a hotel and didn’t know where the next night would bring us. This was all possible because of the iPad and its connectivity to the internet via 3G. Between maps, wikipedia, google searching and hotel search and reviews we took each day one day at a time. It was the first time we took a vacation without plans. Knowing we didn’t have to be anywhere at any specific time was very relaxing.
  • Photography – yes I know it doesn’t have a camera but I never really wanted one on the iPad when it was introduced. My biggest “want” was the camera connection kit. This was Apple’s smartest move to include this. After shooting I can quickly pull the card out of my camera and offload the photos to the iPad, erase the card, and the camera is back ready to shoot. All very fast. Viewing, and editing the photos in the iPad with Apple’s Photo library and other various Apps is fast and I never had to pull my Mac Book Pro out of the bag.
  • Games – Although i’m not a huge game player on the iPhone or iPad my daughter enjoys it. Its interesting to see which she gravitates toward as a 9 year old. The iPad and its larger screen gives you a much more immersive game experience while traveling or just waiting for lunch or diner.
  • Email – I can’t even tell you how many times I reach for my iPad to check email. Its instantly ready and allows me to quickly check it and get back to what I was doing.
Like all new ideas in Tech the designers don’t get it ALL right. Always room for improvement and in my next post I will be talking about the not so finer points of the iPad.
Photoshoot | Kaplan Family Hospice House, Danvers, MA
This photo assignment involved shooting the addition or Phase 2 to this Hospice located in Danvers Massachusetts for architect EGA. Several key features needed to be captured including the connection from Phase 1 and 2, an overall exterior view, the new gardens and a new interior space created as part of the new addition.
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